It occurs approximately 10-15 times per day and generally ends up in an argument of some kind, Kami is the queen of testing the limits.

I feel that the only words that come out of my mouth are, “NO”, “What did I tell you, you need to listen the 1st time!” and “Use your listening hears, you have some don’t you?”

I try to tell myself that consistency is what children need and by repeating myself will help them grow in the long run.  But when does repetition become too much?  I feel insane at points yet I still continue to repeat the same things over and over.

After reading a blog titled Puddle Jumping I began to feel a bit of relief.  The truth is children are always on the go and have no concept of time, the world to them is a giant playground and all they want to do is soak everything up.

I related to this blog post simply because we, like the mom and children in Puddle Jumping, have to travel by bike or foot due to the lack of a vehicle.  With no vehicle time management is key.  Kami just like the puddle jumper can’t just walk, she skips, jumps , runs, you name it she’s doing it.  Kami has a knack for being different, she is full of life and can’t miss out on anything.  She is known for not paying attention to what she is doing and is always looking back instead of what is in front of her.

I watch these things happen daily and cringe every time I see it coming.  My initial reaction is always to get upset, then I realize that my reaction doesn’t help the situation at all.

Patience, something I need to work on.

A wise woman once told me “always love them, believe in them and be a strong advocate” .

So that is what I will try to follow from now on.